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Community First After School Sports Program

Zimbo Football Club

We are very passionate about helping the youths of Zimbabwe succeed and achieve their dreams. It is our hope that by providing outlets for their energy and creativity, we can help kids make better decisions in their lives and choose alternates to using drugs or playing on the streets. We are excited to share with you the progress of our ‘Community First’ After-School Program through your generous donations and purchases. It is our hope you will see for yourself the impact of your donation.

We invite children around the community ages ranging from 9-14 to come and practice with our coach free of charge.  We hope by providing a place for children to practice sports we can keep them off the streets and away from drugs.  Our practices are held three times a week, were we provide two coaches, football (soccer) balls, cones, oranges and juice.  Those who attend frequently and show great talent can join our Football club and attend games every Saturday.  We also offer partial and full scholarships for children on our teams.

Sports not only provide an alternative to using drugs but they inspire our youths to achieve their goals and dreams.  The dedication and teamwork it takes to create a team is the same dedication and teamwork it takes to succeed in life.

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