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Soup Kitchen and Day Care

P3 – Soup Kitchen

Everyone who participates in the Co-Op enjoys both breakfast and lunch with us

Inside the Beading Co-Op is our soup kitchen and day care. All the food we cook in our kitchen is purchased from local markets in an effort to benefit the communities around us.  We also provide an on-sight day care that includes toys, books and sleeping matts for the children of our artists and apprentices.  We realize one struggle all mothers working in the informal sector face is having to bring their child or children to work with them.  In the Co-op, we hope to lighten this burden by not only providing an on-sight day care but two healthy and nutritious meals for everyone on sight completely free of charge.  We choose to do this because we understand the very real struggle many women will face having to spend their days earning just a few dollars selling things like sweets, cigarettes or used cooking oil and clothing alongside their children.  We strongly believe that meals for children and adults are a sound investment for the current and future generations especially in the fight against hunger.

P6 – Cooking In Soup Kitchen

Cooking in the Co- Op is done by everybody.  We work hard on creating a great community that works together.

P8 – Day Care

Our Day Care is free to the children of parents apart of our Co-op.  Children ages 0-6 may come with their parents daily to work where they also receive two healthy meals.  We provide toys, books and matts for sleeping as well.  It is our hope that by providing a safe place for their children we give both men and woman in the Co-op a chance to excel in the program.

We strive hard at creating a fun and cooperative atmosphere at the work shop.  Whether we are teaching each other how to make the beaded art, cooking or helping sew some much-needed pillows for the shop we are a community of people dedicated empowering each other.

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