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Our Co-Op Is Made Up Of Both Men And Women Who Work Together To Create Your Artwork

Our Community Beading Workshop, centralized in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe supports not only impoverished artisans through consistent orders and fair-trade purchases but also offers a six-week beading apprentice program where one can learn how to create the artwork.

Although beaded art is traditionally done by men, women are also in need of a skill. Consequently, the Beading Co-Op aims at specifically teaching women how to plaster the frames created by men. Every woman goes through a 6-week program learning how to thread, plaster and sew beads onto frames.  Zimbo Arts provides an onsite day care for children (0-6) and provides 2 healthy and nutritious meals to everyone on sight.  Every woman in the beading Apprentice Program also receives a daily wage to use on transport and food for the home.


Inside the Beading Co-Op is our soup kitchen. All the food we cook in our kitchen is purchased from local markets in an effort to benefit the communities around us also. In the Co-op we provide everyone on site with two healthy and nutritious meals completely free of charge. We choose to do this because we believe meals for children and adults are a sound investment for the current and future generations especially in the fight against hunger.

On site soup kitchen

Enjoying Lunch


We are very passionate about helping youths of Zimbabwe succeed and achieve their dreams. It is our hope that by providing outlets for their energy and creativity, we can help kids make better decisions in their lives and choose alternates to using drugs or playing on the streets.  Thanks to your generous donations and purchases Zimbo Arts offers a Football Club and Traditional Dance Club for both boys and girls.

Pic 5 – huddle


We are proud to be a part of Days for Girls reusable sanitary pad pack program, which helps remove harmful cultural traditions and stigmas around a young girl’s menstrual cycle. So far, we have provided over 200 sanitary pad packs and have encouraged young women to use safe and sanitary methods to take care of themselves. Each pack comes with a free training session on how to maintain the kit so they last a minimum of one year, as well as information on menstrual cycles, bodies, good personal hygiene, sexual health, HIV/AIDS awareness, pregnancy, and contraceptives. Each girl receives seven heavy flow pads with carry bag, two pairs of underwear, a bar of soap and a washcloth.

Giving Girls Confidence Through The Provision Of A Reusable Sanitary Pad Pack Kit.


Kids Within The Community Are Invited To Enjoy The Holiday Festivities With Us

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