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Food Crisis in Zimbabwe

  • Financial, Environmental, and Political difficulties undermine food production in Zimbabwe
  • Shortages on cash, water & pests in the crops pressure Zimbabwe’s agricultural Production. 92% of Zimbabweans work in the agricultural industry as their primary means of employment.
  • There were several years of drought plagued harvests. However, the rain in 2017 increased agricultural production significantly. This rain & agricultural harvest has dramatically reduced the uneasiness of many Zimbabweans, but Zimbo Arts Co-Op still needs your help!
  •        Every year approximately 1.1 million rural people in Zimbabwe will face food insecurity during the peak hunger period
  •       Despite the all of the rain in Zimbabwe in 2017, FEWS Net (Famine Early Warning Systems Network) still projects shrinking food stocks in areas in the Southern Zimbabwe, Western Zimbabwe, and the far North Zimbabwe.
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